Linda is a songwriter, storyteller, and harper.

Through her original songs, Linda paints vivid portraits, giving voice to the person living through the Irish famine accepting their choice to stay and remain Irish, the Civil War soldier facing his brother across the field of battle, the beekeeper at peace with the friendship of his bees, and the bait shop owners who aspire to more. And underneath it all, her own strong voice always sheds light on the truth, with humor and compassion for how we get in our own way.

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What people are saying about Linda’s original songs, and about her album
“In My Own Way”

“Full on artistry… Full on!”
~Beth Nielsen Chapman, Award-Winning Songwriter, Recording Artist

 “Beautifully warm music”
~Paul Reisler, Songwriter, Composer,
Recording Artist

“I loved your Celtic song, Sentinel
~Angela Kaset, Award-Winning Songwriter,
Recording Artist

 “It’s beautiful. There’s love in every song”
~Don Henry, Grammy Award-Winning Songwriter, Recording Artist

“Hauntingly beautiful. Exquisitely done!”
~Josie Phelan, Cellist, Composer,
Recording Artist

“I love Close Enough and I’ll Be With You When You Go and I was struck by the beauty of Sentinel. Your songs, Too Good at Letting Go and Wash ‘n’ Wear Heart are deeply felt and made me think of Kate Wolf."
~Orville T. Murphy, Retired University Professor, Harmonica Player,
and Recording Artist

Cardboard Habit is just so perfect for our lives, I’m having trouble keeping from laughing while I type.”
~Sandy Birkenmaier, Writer, Editor,
Farmer - Brush Creek Aquaponics

“Everything flows beautifully from one song to the next.”
~Jesse McRae, Songwriter

 “I had fun playing reggae mandolin on Espresso Coming Soon
~John Mock, Composer, Multi-instrumentalist,
Studio Engineer, Photographer

 “I especially like Save It For A Rainy Day, very beautiful arrangement with the recorder too. And Cardboard Habit is a hoot, a lot of fun!
I am so impressed!"
~Chris Van Dyke, Harper